F22 Labs works with entrepreneurs all over the world. We welcome you to be a part of our family. You will get an opportunity to experience a phenomenal Internship. Give it your best shot!
Tell us more about you. Please read through the questions carefully. The key is to keep your answers spontaneous, crisp and creative. Extra points for candidates who are keeping it real and fun.
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Please mention your projects/ research/paper presentations; participation in competitions/ seminars/ workshops/ conferences/events etc; Membership in professional/college clubs; other voluntary work on and off campus - any curricular and co-curricular activity of yours.
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You could give more than one link. Links can be given in the form of:
1. Linkedin Profile
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What software technologies are you proficient in? *

MS Office is not what we are looking for.
List down 5 software technologies you would like to learn. *

Eg: Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning, App Development, AR, VR etc. But we will scratch out the ones you pick from your course syllabus.
Can you list a few websites you follow, to keep in touch with upcoming trends in the industry? *

Tip: google.com & wikipedia are bad answers
List down some of the skills you have that you can contribute to F22 labs. *

Answers like hacking passwords and delegating work to siblings are not considered.
Give us 3 points as to why we should hire you as our intern. *

Apart from your awesomeness and killer looks on Facebook
Are you willing to relocate to Chennai *

Our workplace is based out of  teynampet, Chennai. We would like to know if you are comfortable living in Chennai for the entire duration of your internship.
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